Office 365 is an all in one solution that provides access to many of Microsoft’s popular products in a very affordable and easy to manage environment.

Not long ago having your business on services such as Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint involved solid expenditure on IT infrastructure such as your own Server and then all the expense having your equipment maintained.  Not any more :)

Using Office 365 will ensure you are always using the latest technology and are properly licensed without burning a hole in your hip pocket.

So good when things just work..

The days of servers, maintenance, support costs and headaches are over.  Welcome to Office 365 – you can just get on with the stuff that you need to get done.

  • Simpler Everything
  • More Secure
  • Remote Access
  • SharePoint Included!

SimplerOne license per person gives you complete access to everything Office 365 has to offer. No hidden costs. No licensing headaches.

And you can install Office 365 on up to 5 different devices. Unlike dentists, it’s painless.

42Office 365 for Home is a subscription based version of Microsoft Office that includes Cloud storage and Skype calls.

Big savings to be made by utilizing this model over doing it the ol fashion way buy a CD from your local retailer that doesn’t take long before it is obsolete.

82Forget “remote” solutions – Office 365 gives you total  access.  Auto synchronised and backed up to the cloud, it’s the total solution.

Work from home on your laptop, iPhone, Android tablet or any other device you have.

242 years ago, you’d pay $6,000+ for a SharePoint setup.  Today, it’s just part of Office 365.

Manage, share, collaborate, track and secure all your documents, tasks, data and contacts easily. Securely.

SharePoint is available to everyone. And that changes everything.

20There isn’t one.

A flat cost per user month and it’s all under control.  No juggling licenses, devices, emails or anything.

Your entire systems are online, in the cloud, backed up, secure and accessible.  It’s just smarter technology.


Office 365 will simplify your IT systems and increase productivity in one move.


It’s a cloud based version of Microsoft Office that has so much more than Word, Excel and Outlook.

It’s so good, it’s criminal.


Office 365 is perfect for the home user and almost always cheaper than regular MS Office!

Best of breed technology, without the price tag.


More secure, built-in everything, easier, cheaper and almost zero support needed.

Get your business on the right track.


We are freakishly good at setting people up from scratch or migrating from existing systems.


•Real-time collaboration
•Total communication system
•Auto cloud backups •Sync or send with a click.


So Delightfully Easy!

Easy to setup, easy to use, easy to manage. Once up and running you will need little to no IT support to keep your new systems up and running smoothly.

If technology is painful for you, you need Office 365.

Unbelievably Affordable!

One account per person/employee with zero licensing headaches. Predictable IT expenditure. Who would have thought?

For the first time in history, the latest software will save you money.

Office Anywhere

Can you believe that most of us had to go to a specific computer to access data and emails? If we couldn’t get to that computer OR if it broke down it was game over. No longer!

Access your emails, calendars, documents, tasks – everything – automatically from the cloud.


Having a few people have access to a file is not true collaboration. Office 365 Cloud solutions will have you and your colleagues working together like you never thought possible.

3 people working on a document? No problem. At the same time? Easy! On their tablets and phones? Done deal.

Office 365 just does everything right